word for the day, 01 04 2017, Matthew 5:13, You are the salt of the earth

It is Wednesday, January 4th. TGFT.

Listen to the word of God to us today
Mathew 5:13 “You are the salt of the earth.” (NIV)
In biblical times salt was most important. Salt preserves food, it creates thirst, and it enhance taste. Therefore if we are to be the salt of the earth we must be people who by our actions preserve lives by sharing the good news, create a thirst for God by our lives, and enhance the desire for God by our living. Remember- ‘you are the salt of the earth.’

Prayer for the day:- Father, help us to be salt of the earth in these day that we are living. This we pray in Jesus name, AMEN.


About charles washington sr

charles washington is married to Claudette washington for over 38years, father of four and two grand children. he writes a daily word from the bible.
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