word for the day, 06 30 2012, John 8:36, Set free by Christ

Good morning Family

It is Saturday, June 30th. The end of the month, and another preparation day for fellowship and worship. Fellowship and worship becomes richer and more meaningful, when we come into his house, and into his presence with singing and praise. Start preparing now for fellowship and worship. What a difference it makes in our fellowship and worship.
Listen to the word of the Lord.
John 8:36 “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” (KJV)
July 4th will be wildly celebrated here in the united States. ( I know Jamaica is planning a big 50 year celebration of our independence). Everyone is looking forward to the day to share in barbeque, and eating hotdog and hamburgers. What a lot of people fail to mention is that the day is a day of celebration of the USA independence. It is a time to remember the freedoms we have. For some of us we loose a lot of freedom everyday. However true freedom comes when we are set free in Christ. We will attempt over the next week to discuss true freedom. Many today are in the bondage of sin. Bondage of alcohol, bondage of sex. Christ can set you free. Have you been set free by the Lord Jesus Christ? If the Son therefore shall set you free, you will be free indeed.
May the Lord richly bless you always
Prayer for the day: Father  in heaven, hallowed be your name. Thank you for the measure of freedom we have as a country, but more importantly we thank you for the freedom we have when we trust Christ as our savor. Help us we pray as we approach this independence day here in the USA to really appreciate the freedom we have in Christ Jesus our Lord, this we pray in Jesus name, Amen.
Continue to pray for the Morand, Richards and Cindy Clarke family.
pray for our churches picnic today in the State park on long island.

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About charles washington sr

charles washington is married to Claudette washington for over 38years, father of four and two grand children. he writes a daily word from the bible.
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